Printing is one of the few remaining areas of IT spending where substantial savings can be realised with little risk. Organisations that actively manage their printers can reduce costs by up to 40%.

The prediction in the 1980's of a paperless office has never materialised. People still need paper and use it as a critical communication tool. Paper is essential to organisations but can also create inefficiencies:

• Typically 30% time spent searching for information
• Typically 10% operating cost is spent on manual document management
• 85% of documents are in paper format

At cloudSMART we take an approach to Managed Print Services (MPS) that focuses on 2 key areas:

• Reduced costs
• Increased efficiencies


cloudSMART utilise over 15 years' experience in the IT and Document Management industries to analyse your current state and areas of opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce cost. We will provide a cost analysis in terms of physical spend but also the human cost of managing these processes.

cloudSMART deliver a Service driven by industry leading hardware and software for Document Management. The key areas of the service are to:

• Use Multi-Functional Printers (MFP's)
• Use pull printing using swipe card technology
• Use relevant software to monitor, report and redirect printing
• Reduce per page printing costs
• Allow internal ICT resources to focus on core business priorities
• Reduces the number of local and network print devices

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